Toy Collections: How to Build Them |

What separates toy collections from just owning several toys is the former’s organization and purpose. Once you collect toys with a purpose in mind, and you organize them properly, you are already starting your own toy collection. Some people believe that collection of toys are easily built, thinking that all one really needs to do is get different types of toys and put the whole lot together. The truth is, collecting toys is a lot more complicated. Skill and patience are required to be successful.If you think buying a bunch of toys and putting them together is the same as building toy collections, think again. Before a bunch of toys can be called a collection, they need to first meet certain criteria:• First, a collection needs to have a unifying theme. For example, they should come from one series, like Marvel or Transformers action figures. They can also be different toy variants of a certain character. For example, you may collect different Winnie the Pooh toy variants, from different decades.• Second, a collection needs to be well taken care of. Toy collections don’t necessarily have to be kept in pristine condition, unopened, and in special casings. They just need to be kept well and be in good condition. True collections are always well taken care of. They can be played with regularly and displayed plainly, but they should never be kept poorly. True collections “live” in “homes” that keep them safe, away from harmful elements and dirt.Now that you know what makes a toy a “real” toy collection, you should know how to build one. Again, building toy collections isn’t easy. As mentioned above, the toys in a collection need to have a unifying theme. This means that you need to know a lot about the series you want to collect from in order to succeed. For this reason, it is best that you stick with a series that you are familiar with already or a series that interests you.So how do you know what to get and where to get them? There are many sources for these. When building your collections of toys, it is important to be up-to-date with all the toys available. Likely, it is also important that you know where to get each toy. You also have to be resourceful in looking for hard-to-find pieces. Here are a few helpful resources when it comes to learning about what you can get for your collection:• Literature on the lore; this basically teaches you about the lore of the series. This keeps you familiar with the characters and items found in the series. For example, if you want to build a Lord of the Rings toy collections, it is best to go over the book series so as to be familiar with the story, the items and the characters.• Toy catalogs; in these, you will see what items/characters in the series are available as toys. Printed catalogs are great references for this. You may also search the web for what is most commonly available. Rare piece are, most of the time, not cataloged.• Online shopping and auction sites; a good example of this is eBay. Here, you can buy toys that aren’t locally available in your geographical area. Shopping online will give you a broader selection of toys from all over the world. You may even be able to find rare items here. Of course, make sure to stay vigilant when shopping online as there are many who sell counterfeit items.There are many tips to learn when it comes to toy collecting. To learn more about this fun hobby, it’s best to read up. A good resource material can help you learn all that is needed for this hobby. Once you master toy collecting, you’ll be surprised at how fun and beneficial it can be. If you become good enough, you may even start profiting from your own collection!